Have you discovered Duolingo yet? This fun website, that has also its own app (available on iOs, Android and Windows), that can help you learn from scratch a new language at your own pace with their second languages programs.

Free. Forever.

With your free account you have access to bite-size lessons that help you learn at a great pace while practicing vocabulary, phrase construction as well as pronunciation. The platform is built to experience the learning while playing a game. You earn points when you practice every day. You have hearts that you have to keep to complete the activity. If you loose your all of your three hearts, you start over.


Starting with Duolingo

To start with Duolingo is quite easy. You create your profile, select the language you want to learn and take the first diagnostic test to know your approximate level. It is possible to do so for all languages available through the site. For English people, there are 28 programs availables and for French people, there are 5 programs built yet. It is a great occasion to learn third language skills based on your own second language! Also, you can set up in your account alarms to remind you to go practice your skills. You can do 5 or 35 minutes, it is really up to you.

Duolingo for Schools

A great addition to Duolingo is Duolingo for Schools. With this website, you can create your own program using Duolingo resources. Before being able to create your curriculum, you have to build your class. When your learners will have join the class, you will be able to add assignment to your students. When an assignment is created, it is possible to send a reminder, edit or delete the assignment itself.

Customizing your program

Through Duolingo for Schools, you can select the concepts you want your learners to practice and assign it to them. You can also assign a challenge for a certain period of time, earning 100 XP or playing a total of 1h per week for example. By using the challenge option, you can differenciate the learning of you student. They can work on the concepts they need to improve and learn at their own pace, at the time of they day they want to practice.  Moreover, there is tracking tool included in the dashboard of the teacher he can see which skills they worked on, activity details and course progress. For more information about the platform, please consult their Leader guide


There is a great potential with this application as it simplifies the task of the educator help keeping track of the participation in the course and offer great flexibility creating your own program using Duolingo skills. Please note that this platform is still a work in progress so you are more than welcome to use the forum to express your thoughts regarding the teaching/learning experience Duolingo for Schools has to offer and help them to enhance their product.

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